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Information Security Consulting

Support in various aspects of information security

A major challenge is to protect the company from damage by hacker collectives working either monetarily or on behalf of the competition, and to equip it for the future.


The number of cyber attacks has increased over the years.

For the first time since the surveys were collected, the amount of people actually affected decreased. The reason for this is that the companies under attack have become more defensible.

have become more defensible.

The company’s goal is to be better positioned against any kind of threat. This requires significant intervention in systems, processes, documentation, collaboration with suppliers, customers and partners, and servicing regulatory requirements.

Financial services rovider

DS/IS consultant of BREDEX

Financial service provider

Project Duration
Ongoing since 2021


The goal is to raise the security level of the information network with a view to the whole in such a way that external requirements and internal protection needs are met in a holistic manner.

The task was to find a service provider with many years of experience in the market and in the industry, and to work with him to set up a project that, although it has a start, will undergo permanent evolution during operation.

A major challenge is to protect the company from damage by hacker collectives working either monetarily or on behalf of the competition, and to equip it for the future.


  • Traditional project management methods such as waterfall.
  • Partly agile methods, in places with connection to the development / optimization of systems, applications, processes
  • Awareness programs to raise awareness of the issues in the area of information security/data protection


We decided to improve the areas of information security and data protection in our company and implement a comprehensive information security strategy. We decided to enlist the support of the experienced consultants at BREDEX GmbH, an experienced team of experts who continue to support us in the implementation of our strategy.

The team helped us with various aspects of information security, including security checkups, DSGVO compliance management, awareness training, hiring an external ISB and auditing relevant processes, documents and systems.

A security checkup was first performed to identify potential vulnerabilities in our IT infrastructure and systems. After the checkup, we received detailed reports with recommendations for action that enabled us to fix the vulnerabilities and improve our IT infrastructure.

BREDEX helped and continues to help us implement the GDPR requirements. This included the review of our data processing, the implementation of new policies and procedures, and the necessary adaptation of documentation. The awareness training sessions that the team conducted were very helpful in informing our employees about the importance of data protection and information security, as well as educating them about the risks of cyberattacks.

Furthermore, the team provided us with an external ISB to support us in implementing our information security strategy. In addition, our internal ISB was trained to support the implementation of the strategy.

We highly recommend the team of experts. Thanks to their support, we have significantly improved our information security and now feel better prepared for the constantly changing threat situation.

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